TACITuS - Transcriptomic Data Collector, Integrator, and Selector

TACITuS is a portal, which deals with data pre-processing, selection and, eventually, integration of transcriptomic data coming from diverse sources, such as ArrayExpress. In order to take advantage of the functionality provided by this application, you will need to register, or sign in with a previously activated account.

Users have the opportunity to submit new datasets to be analyzed. The system will automatically determine the format according to the source, and an automatic parser will make the dataset compatible for further analysis.

The system is currently in development. Therefore, due to the current shortage of storage space, all datasets are saved in the database for 365 days. All analysis results will be available for a week after the completion of each job.

Some statistics
  • 405 Users
  • 3 Datasets
For testing purpose:

Please use the username test@test.ts and the password test1234

Release History
  • Version 0.2.0: Bug fixes. Online notifications, mapped selections and Galaxy Integration.
  • Version 0.1.1: Bug fixes. Notifications now are sent also by email. The administrator can now change user roles. The administrator can create new users. Improved email messages.
  • Version 0.1.0: Base application structure is now ready. Dataset importer works only with ArrayExpress MTAB datasets. Data Integrator and Id Mapper implementation is still a work in progress.

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